Zika Infectivity and Transmission: Updates

Have There Been Any Reports of Airborne Transmission of Zika Virus? There have been no documented cases of airborne transmission of Zika virus. Zika virus, like other flaviviruses, such as dengue and chikungunya, is spread primarily through the bite of an infected mosquito. What Is the Zika Virus Incubation Period? Although the exact incubation period of Zika virus has yet to be determined, evidence from case reports and experience from related flavivirus infections indicate that the incubation period is probably 3 days to 2 weeks. How Long Does Zika Virus Infectivity Last? Zika virus usually remains in the blood of an infected person

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Minimal invasive gastric surgery: A systematic review

As an alternate to open surgery, laparoscopic gastrectomy (LG) is currently being performed in many centers, and has gained a wide clinical acceptance. The aim of this review article is to compare oncologic adequacy and safety of LG with open surgery for gastric adenocarcinomas with respect to lymphadenectomy, short-term outcomes (postoperative morbidity and mortality) and long-term outcome (5 years overall survival and disease-free survival). Results: There is high-quality evidence to support short-term efficacy, safety and feasibility of LG for gastric adenocarcinomas, although accounts on long-term survivals are still infrequent. Minimal invasive gastric surgery: A systematic review

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Study of incidence of malignancy in clinically benign thyroid swelling

It is not unusual to have a diagnosis of thyroid malignancy in a clinically benign thyroid swelling. Incidence of such malignancies is significant. Hence, the patients being treated conservatively for benign thyroid diseases should be followed-up regularly. Patients who opt out of surgery should be put on diligent screening of the swelling and any suspicious change in the swelling has to be tackled aggressively. Study of incidence of malignancy in clinically benign thyroid swelling

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Lymphadenopathy: Differentiation between Tuberculosis and Other Non-Tuberculosis Causes like Follicular Lymphoma

Though FL is one of the less common causes of LD, there should be a high index of suspicion in selected cases to enable an early diagnosis. Key factors that would point toward a non-TB cause of LD are age >40 years, no history of TB, normal TST, inconclusive FNAC, negative GeneXpert test, and non-resolution of clinical symptoms and/or regression of LD in 2–4 months after starting ATT. An early diagnosis could permit the use of drugs, which have been shown to delay progression of FL. Read Original Article Here.  

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Clinical and immunological profile of SLE patients: Experience from a Chennai-based tertiary care centre

The present study has reported higher prevalence of constitutional symptoms, followed by joint and skin manifestations. Around 84% of the patients demonstrated high disease activity. The incidence of renal and neuropsychiatric manifestations was similar, but the rate of incidence of neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular manifestations was more compared to other Indian studies. Read More Here.

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